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ThemeKreator is a Linux program to create and preview display theme files for mobile phones. Currently, only SonyEriccsson phones (T610, T630, K600i, K700i, K750i, W800i) are supported.

You can change the appearance of your mobile completely by creating you own display theme with this program.




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main window showing information-tab, including theme properties and file list main window showing standby-tab, incuding colors, image files and preview main window showing double-title-tab, incuding colors, image files and preview


This is an incomplete list of the work in progress. Don't expect it all to be in in the next version.

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Version 0.3 (04.03.2006)

* Added French (complete) and Polish (partial) translations (thanks to both translators!)
* finished German translation
* K600i, K750i and W800i support
* New model selection dialog
* Support for inplace editing of images (with automatic refresh)
* Minor UI other enhancements
* Added dialog with all previews visible in one place
* Previews display transparent PNGs and animated GIFs now
* Improved detection and notification of broken themes
* Bugfix: fixed opening of themes created with the SonyEricsson "Themes Creator"

Version 0.2 (05.02.2006)

* additionally support T610 and T630 phones
* support extraction of images from theme
* warn and resize too large images
* check color dependencies in themefiles
* multilevel undo function
* German translation (mostly done)
* fix compatibility issues with 'unusual' themefiles
* many architectual changes
* bugfixes
* many more

Initial Release (23.12.2004)

* Create, open, load, save themes
* Preview themes
* Validation of themes (color distance checks, etc.)
* Extract preview images of theme
* Detailed list of files in theme